The Influence of Grandparents - Brooklyn's Story

Brooklyn Grant is a young adult who grew up at Ventura Missionary and is now attending Grand Canyon University, a Christian university in Arizona. Brooklyn’s grandparents are John and Kathy Walker, and she has a lot to say about the influence they have had on her life.

Brooklyn has so many memories with her grandparents including their fun times at Lake Tahoe as a family – vacations planned by John and Kathy. They have been going on these trips together every summer since Brooklyn was born and it is one of her favorite things to do. She says, “They are really special memories that I will always hold close.” Brooklyn says that these trips are also one of the reasons she has learned the importance of family and spending time with the people you love.

Brooklyn also appreciates the wisdom she has gleaned from her grandparents’ life experiences. She says, “They have helped me make future life decisions.” Last summer, Brooklyn and her grandpa had the opportunity to carpool to work together. She says she gained so much wisdom during that one-on-one time with him. She says, “My grandparents always give the best advice!”

The influence of her grandparents has been spiritual, as well. Brooklyn says, “My grandparents have expressed the importance of having a good relationship with Jesus and have modeled that for the family. I desire a close relationship with Jesus, and my grandparents encourage and support me in my faith.” She continues, “My grandma often sends me inspirational messages that have been helpful as I navigate life and college. She always reminds me that God is faithful and trustworthy. She encourages me to share my love for Jesus with others.”

When asked about something Brooklyn enjoys about who her grandparents are, she says, “My grandma loves shopping, and that is something we do together when I am home. We also both share the love for some of the same clothing brands, which is fun.”  She adds, “Something funny about my grandpa is that he always knows someone whenever we go out. When we go out to dinner, he is always the last to the table because he runs into someone he knows. He is really connected to the community.”

Brooklyn’s story reminds us how important it is to intentionally disciple the next generation at every opportunity. We never know the impact we are having on those around us, including our grandchildren. John and Kathy, thank you for modeling a wise way to live for us, as well!

Editor’s Note:  Brooklyn is pictured on the left with her brother, grandparents, and parents. It is easy to see how much fun they all have together!

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Evelyn Yantis - March 4th, 2023 at 10:44am

I happen to be a former classmate of her grandfather…so when I saw this delightful family photo on FB, and saw this link, I clicked on it…What a beautiful and loving tribute to both her grandparents and family!! Wishing Brooklyn a bright & shining future! And sending warm greetings to her grandparents as well!




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