Small Group Shaking Salt All Over

Have you ever taken a bite into something that hadn't yet been salted? There's something about salt that brings out the flavor of what we eat. Even sweet foods like cookies and homemade ice cream need that teaspoon of salt to bring an "ahhh, so good" response by our palates.

For this very reason, Jesus tells His followers that they are the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). When we share the love of Jesus with others, we are flavoring their lives with a tasteful experience of His goodness.

Last fall, one of our small groups decided that they wanted to share the love of Jesus in a practical way. They identified a family who was struggling to cover basic necessities. The group raised enough money to help with rent and groceries in December. They also decided to provide some fun stuff - a Christmas Tree, decorations and presents to go under the tree for the two girls in the family.

Serving others gave this small group an appetite to serve more. They have already blessed an additional family in similar ways and plan to continue participating in other serve experiences throughout 2021. In fact, they have begun to call themselves the "Salt Shakers!"  Group member, Melanie Markley says, "We are looking for more long-term service projects to do together and thereby reflect our chosen name and intent to truly be Salt Shakers for Christ." The group has discovered the joy of using their time, talent, and treasure to shake salt all over the earth around them!

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