The Power to Bless Others

Power is a commodity that we all have. Our abilities give us power, our intelligence gives us power. Our time, our position, our resources all give us power.  We can either choose to use our power to serve ourselves or to serve others. The men and women in law enforcement choose to use the power entrusted to them to serve our communities. What a blessing it is to be protected by those who sacrifice for us on a daily basis.

Recently, one of our high school guys small groups received some significant resources. They prayed and collaborated to discern who they would bless with the resources that had been entrusted to them. They identified a family, two local businesses and some of our First Responders at Ventura Police Department.

As the group of guys delivered the financial blessings to the family and businesses, the response of the recipients was impactful. Small Group leader, Phil Sylvester, says, "We saw so much gratefulness and could feel the love from each one. There were tears shed, and endless smiles! Some people could not imagine that this was even happening. As they opened the envelope with the gift, their eyes got big and tears came down." One recipient, a coffee shop owner, expressed that she will now be able to bless her employees and continue to stay open another month.

The guys small group also provided lunch for Ventura Police Department. They wanted to show the officers that their community cares for and values them. The police team felt so much appreciation and support because the youth had thought of them and took the time to bring them a meal. We're proud of the way our students are sharing the love of Jesus, using the power of resources to bless others in the world around them.

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