God's Perfect Timing

Kevin Baysinger and Phil Sylvester lead a group of high school guys at Ventura Missionary.  We recently shared about how they blessed a coffee shop and the Ventura Police Department. Kevin told us about another way the high schoolers were able to bless a local business because of  the generosity of God’s people – this time a gym.
The day before the group of guys ALREADY planned to stop by to surprise the gym owner with a check, she sent an email to all her gym members, saying that because they’ve had to move most everything outside, some items had become damaged and needed replacement. 
God’s timing is so perfect, because the blessing will be able to fund the repair and/or replacement of this equipment.

The gym owner was extremely grateful to the group for the gift and asked that they also extend thanks to the church for their generosity. We’re grateful for opportunities like this to show our community that God sees them and loves them.  

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