Alex and Vanessa's Rooted Story


During the fall of 2019, Alex Villavicencio's wife, Vanessa, signed them up for Rooted, Ventura Missionary Church's ten-week discipleship experience. But God has been orchestrating the transformation that Alex would experience through Rooted for quite some time.

Nine years ago, Alex met Dave Bustos and Jay Licata at work. Both Dave and Jay are now Deacons at Ventura Missionary Church. Alex was having issues resulting from past choices, and Dave and Jay began to encourage him, guide him, pray for him and invite him to church. Years later, right before Vanessa signed them up for Rooted, Alex was in what he calls "the lowest point of [his] life." He says, "The mistakes I had made had pushed me down to a really dark place that I thought I was never going to get out of. It was affecting the people I love most - my wife and kids. Before Rooted, I believed in God but had no relationship with Him. I'd ask Him to help me when I was in trouble and didn't appreciate when things were good."

Alex had many great experiences during Rooted, but the eighth week was pivotal. It was then that Alex recognized that God was there for him. God reached in, pulled him out of the hole and made him feel loved. Once Alex felt the love he received from Jesus, he says he was then able to pass that love on to his wife and children. He says, "I'm never going to run out of that love because it's eternal."

Alex's  life has completely turned around. His relationships with his wife and kids have improved in every way. He now prays every day and relies on God for everything. He says, "We're not alone. We have Jesus who guides us; we just have to stop and listen to Him - for the little decisions and the big decisions."

Alex loves to help others discover what he has, and to shoe who are considering Rooted he says, "Worst case scenario, it will improve your life. Best case scenario, it will transform your life. Rooted has transformed my life completely."

You can have your own Rooted story. Learn more and register for our next Rooted Discipleship Journey HERE.

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