Tangible Love for Local Small Business

The ramifications of the worldwide pandemic are far-reaching. Economic impact has been one of the most significant ways it has challenged our lives. Small businesses have found it difficult to stay afloat with constant changes, required modifications, closures, and loss of revenue.  Nail and hair salons have been one of the hardest hit industries.  

Ventura Missionary Church is grateful for the way God has provided for us throughout the pandemic, and we don't believe that we were blessed to keep it to ourselves. Our mission is to live and share the transforming love of Jesus, and that means sharing tangible love to those in our community. We want people to know that God loves them and that He sees their struggles. Because of this, our staff teams and small groups have been praying about and identifying businesses, individuals, and families that could benefit from this type of encouragement.

Recently, we connected with a local hair salon owner and asked to meet with her - not giving a lot of details about why. Four of our staff members showed up to share the blessing.
Groups Coordinator, Elizabeth Sylvester describes what happened, "When she received the blessing, the business owner seemed genuinely shocked, and we all started crying. She told us how she had been wondering how she was going to keep up payments on her rent for the salon. In addition to not being able to work, her other source of income is from a home she rents out. Unfortunately, her tenant who is also a hair stylist, has not been able to work or keep up with her rent due to Covid-19. This monetary gift was a wonderful opportunity for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus."

With what she was given, the salon owner was able to catch up on her rent and also to cover some of the work station fees for her staff. We received a thank you from her with this message, "Ventura Missionary Church, I want to thank you for your kindness, support, and generosity towards me and my salon.  My heart is full. I feel very blessed and honored that you chose to help my small business. I truly love my team and all our amazing clients. Thank you again for showing so much love and support."
We may not be able to "go" to church right now, but because of God's provision and the generosity of our church family, we have been able to "be" the church in so many unique ways during this season. We are honored to be able  to share His love in tangible ways outside the walls of our building.

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