Raising Holdens

The home of Jonathan and Amy Holden grew rapidly in a matter months. Already parents to three-year old Cor, the Holden's adopted one-year old Nora, and on August 16, 2019, Rhett was born into the family. Raising this clan is quite the endeavor, and coupled with her role as Student Ministry Director at Ventura Missionary Church in this season, Amy is a busy mama.

On October 13, 2019, Jonathan and Amy Holden dedicated Nora and Rhett. Amy shares below why they participated in this significant opportunity.

"As parents, we strive to raise our children to be adults who love Jesus, and we recognize a key component of this is to have a church family that partners with us. We know that dedication is not a magic wand that is going to produce perfect children, but we hope that by enlisting the help of our church family, our children will have examples of godly men and women in their lives to encourage them, challenge them, love them, and show them what it means to live out their relationship with Jesus in day-to-day life. By intentionally choosing to have Jesus be the center of our parenting, we are hoping our children will grow up to be disciples of Jesus - not just thinking that church is something their parents do that involves a lot of rules. We want Jesus to be a real and very evident part of every aspect of their lives."

At Ventura Missionary Church, we offer Baby Dedications several times per year.  Visit our Child Dedication page to sign-up for the next dedication.

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