Top Gun Rooted Training - John's Story

Watch John's story on YouTube.

John Worthy says that Rooted has yielded a "gigantic transformation" in his journey with Jesus. He has participated in Rooted since we piloted the experience at Ventura Missionary Church eleven sessions ago.  He thought initially that he was being asked to review another Bible study the church was considering, but he quickly realized that this was not another "program." He says the transformation he has received through Rooted is second only to his time reading through the entire Bible.

John compares Rooted to one of his favorite movies, "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise. Top Gun tells the story of an intense training program that produces great fighter pilots. He says, "One of the reasons I have done Rooted five times (four as a group facilitator) is because the experience is such a growing situation - growing with a group of people that are all in. With that confidentiality and commitment, it's really fertile ground for growth." He encourages everyone who wants to go to the next level in their faith with God, their connection with people, and their purpose, to register for Rooted.
Recently John re-watched Top Gun and says, "Rooted is the Top Gun of discipleship training. It takes you through an experience where you're serving, where you're praying, where you're sharing,  you're being affirmed like no other, and it spits you out at the end as a closer, more intense follower of Jesus."

John was really disappointed when the reality of COVID halted the production of the sequel to Top Gun. He has heard that in the sequel Tom Cruise will come back as a trainer.  He says that scenario also compares with Rooted, because "Rooted is not over until you return as a group facilitator." He says that one of the benefits of coming back as a facilitator is learning servant leadership. It's contrary to what the world teaches us. As a Rooted facilitator, you're learning to serve and not to be served. You're learning to listen and understand others before you speak. You're learning that it's more important to pray than to be prepared. And I was able to take those lessons to bless my wife and my kids. I was able to take those lessons to my friends, to my small group, and even to the workplace."

Rooted takes place twice a year. For more details and to register, visit our Rooted webpage.

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