Sharing It Forward - Reed's Story

Reed Adams was dedicated to the Lord at Ventura Missionary Church by his parents, Randy and Rose Adams, in the 1970's. Reed was blessed with parents who were very involved in whatever Reed and his siblings (Ryan and Renee) were a part of - sports, Sunday school, and other interests. Throughout his childhood, Reed has so many memories of spending time with people from Ventura Missionary Church (VMC), believers who affirmed the truth about Jesus. VMC families like the Lingo's, the Stegman's, and the Eberhard's often gathered with Reed and his own family for small group Bible studies, birthday parties, and other fun activities. On one occasion, Reed remembers playing ping pong with the children from these families while Lou Lingo looked on, playing his banjo. Reed and his friends began to hit the ping pong ball to the rhythm of the banjo music, laughing and having a great time.
Reed chose to accept and follow Jesus in his own life at a backyard Bible Club (through Child Evangelism Fellowship) that his mom hosted when he was a child. He was baptized along with his brother and sister at Ventura Missionary Church by Pastor Leonard DeWitt.
Reed attended Ventura Missionary Preschool and School in the very early years of their existence. Because he lived in Clearpoint at the time, he was able to walk to our campus. Reed was the very first Class President at "VMS." He smiles when he shares that his campaign promises included getting a coke machine and changing the dress code to include wearing shorts to school. He made good on those promises to his peers.
During his teen years, Reed drifted away from the Lord, making some bad choices, but as a young adult, he returned to the biblical principles on which he had been raised. He was committed to marrying a Christian, so when he began to date a young woman who didn't yet know Jesus, he and his mom took her to a Harvest Crusade at the Ventura County Fair Grounds. Lori accepted Christ that day, eventually became Reed's wife, and is now a beloved active member of this church. Reed and Lori have two children, Braden and Haley. Reed and Lori have chosen to follow his parents' example to be involved in their children's activities, especially at church. They served in KidZone when their kids were young, and since Braden and Haley are now in middle school, are serving in the Youth Department. Reed is a small group leader for the 7th grade boys and also helps with other middle school activities. 
In his professional life, Reed spent ten years working toward the goal of becoming a firefighter. He can see God's hand through all the experiences ordained by his Heavenly Father as he persevered toward that achievement. Service in the Marines, Paramedic school, other training opportunities, internships, and even a season doing finish carpentry all played a part in his journey toward becoming a firefighter in his hometown. God's guidance was also clearly present when he was offered several positions at the same time. God very specifically answered Reed's prayer for direction, and he can see now how the decision he was led to make was truly the best fit for him. He is now a Fire Engineer with the Ventura County Fire Department and has been employed there since 2007. He thoroughly enjoys serving our community in this way.
Reed is still being ministered to by the people of Ventura Missionary Church and is raising his own children to follow Christ. But he is also now one of those in our church who is partnering with other parents by contributing toward their kids' faith environments. Having received the good news of Christ in his own life, he is committed to sharing it forward...and so the stories continue! 


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