Ventura Missionary Hires a New Student Ministry Pastor

Parkher Murphy joined the Ventura Missionary Church team on March 1, 2019. Parkher loves the outdoors, hiking and connecting with people. He is a gifted communicator and shepherd who is committed to sharing the transforming love of Jesus.

Parkher grew up in Port Hueneme and has never lived outside of Ventura County. Only God could have orchestrated all the connections he has had to Ventura Missionary over the years. Parkher calls the beautiful weaving of life's stories, "God circles."

The tragic death of Parkher's step-father in his early years changed his entire life. He reacted to the loss by running from anything to do with faith and anyone who might potentially care about him - until he met a guy by the name of Josiah Nordgren (former VMC Pastor, Josh Nordgren's brother). Josiah was a Youth Pastor in Oxnard who brought the gospel and Jesus to the surfer community, and Parkher couldn't help but take note of the way Josiah lived...not to mention he was an impressive surfer! 

Over time, Parkher was drawn in and began attending Youth Group. He accepted Jesus at Forest Home and began to grow and hone the gifts God had given him and was entrusted with more and more roles of leadership in the ministry. When Josiah (and Josh) moved to Hawaii, Parkher became the Youth Pastor and served for three years. As a result, he and Pastor Doug were Youth Pastors in Ventura County at the same time and had many opportunities to connect.

Another connection with Ventura Missionary came through Exalt, a college ministry we hosted a few years ago. Parkher not only came to the weekly gathering, he met his wife, London here. They now have two kids: a three and a half year-old son named Levi and a seven month-old daughter named Noah.

Parkher is excited about what God is doing at Ventura Missionary and is honored that he has been invited to be a part of this season that brims with potential. When you talk to him, it is evident how much he loves the Lord and wants to share Jesus with students. He knows first-hand the impact that a Youth Pastor's investment in young lives can make.

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