Richard and Alex's Rooted Story


Richard Lewis learned about God as a child, but he came to the conclusion that there wasn't really anyone listening when people pray. Recently, Richard and his wife, Alex, began attending Ventura Missionary Church, and Alex wanted to respond to Pastor Doug's encouragement to attend an opportunity called Rooted last fall, because it was a way to meet people. Richard agreed to go but asked Alex how honest she wanted him to be with those they would be interacting with because of his doubts about God.

In the beginning weeks, Richard didn't say much, didn't answer the questions in his workbook or dive in, though he thought the people in the group they were meeting with were great. Several weeks into this ten-week discipleship experience, there is a night where you learn about prayer, and then you actually spend time praying. Richard did not wat to go that night, but found himself listening to those sharing about what it means to pray and then went into the Sanctuary with paper and pen and decided to give it a try. He asked four specific questions of God, and then listened. Amazingly, as he would finish asking a question, the answer was immediately there, and the answers were so incredible, he knew they had to be from God. He says, "It turned me upside down. There wasn't supposed to be anyone there, but there is! I would have bet anything I owned that this wouldn't happen. But God was right there. I knew it was the complete truth. It was familiar, though I'd never heard it in my entire life."

Alex says, "Since Rooted, my life, my marriage and my family are way more centered around God. It has made it unbelievably better. It's like my relationship with Richard started fresh. It's amazing!"

Richard and Alex's Rooted group bonded so much that they decided to continue to meet. The Lewis' also joyfully serve on our Kids Check-In Team on Sundays.
You can have your own Rooted story. Click HERE for details.

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