Brooklyn's Rooted Story


Brooklyn Grant decided to go through Rooted, our ten-week discipleship experience, after attending a friend's grandfather's memorial service. Inspired to grow in their faith, Brooklyn and her friend decided to attend Rooted together.

Brooklyn's favorite part of Rooted was meeting other Christian girls her age. Rooted served as a means to connect them on a deep level. Some of the friends she met attend her high school. She says, "We started hanging out at lunch, and then we started hanging out outside of school, and now we are best friends. It's just so awesome to have such an amazing friend group."
Before Rooted, Brooklyn says she was disconnected from God. She would pray, but she wouldn't think about Him first. After Rooted, she began to pray often. She knows that God is there with her and is working through her life.

Since attending Rooted, Brooklyn is also more committed to youth group. She attends the mid-week group, the Sunday small groups and the Sunday main church service every week now. She says, "It's the highlight o my week. I love being here."

Looking toward her future, Brooklyn says she had always planned to apply to a Christian college, but that decision has taken on a new meaning. She is now excited to attend a Christian school so that she can have that experience and stay close to God.

You can have your own Rooted story. For details and to register for the next Rooted Discipleship Journey, click HERE.

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