Security Blanket of Love - Debbie's Story

Debbie Howery’s work as a security guard ensures the safety of those who frequent the business where she is employed.  But Debbie brings far more than safety to the people she serves.

If you are acquainted with Debbie, you know first-hand that she is a bundle of joy that lights up any environment she is a part of. Debbie is ever on the lookout for ways to be a blessing to others. Her job is not just a paycheck, it is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

Recently, two ladies called out to Debbie at work, “You’re Debbie, aren’t you?”  Not recognizing the ladies, Debbie asked how they knew who she was. They answered that they were related to a man to whom Debbie had given a scarf.  They said, “We just want you to know, he loves it, and wears it every day!”

Debbie had given the scarf to the man because he had often joked with Debbie when she was working on various projects to pass the time when things were slow. He would say, “Is that for me?”  So, Debbie decided to make him a scarf. She had no idea that scarf had been so meaningful to him. When the conversation between the three new friends died down, Debbie apologized to those waiting to get into the building for the delay. A gentleman piped up, “That’s okay, I’m just waiting in the line for the free scarves!”

A few days later, a man leaving the building shared with Debbie that he had just been diagnosed with stage four cancer, and Debbie took the opportunity to pray with the individual right then and there. No one else was around at the time who would need her attention, and she attributes God for crafting that pause to make it possible for her to come alongside a fellow human being who had just received very difficult news.

And the blessings go both ways. Debbie is not only fulfilled in her heart because of the opportunities she notices and acts on to bless others, she has received tangible blessings herself. Recently a man gifted her with a pink flashlight, which just happens to be her favorite color. And it’s not just any flashlight, it is one that has features that will add to her safety on the job. Debbie says, “It was so sweet of him to look out for my safety when that is my job to do for others.”

These three stories are from just one week of Debbie’s life on the job as a security guard. Perhaps Debbie’s role would be better defined as security guard/security blanket because she brings warmth, compassion, and love to those she comes in contact with each and every shift. 


Amar - September 21st, 2023 at 2:23am

Debbie's compassion knows no bounds, making her an invaluable part of team.

Lori Martinez-Hendrix - December 1st, 2023 at 11:14am

Having met Debbie here at VMC 20yrs ago & now having her as my best friend this captures her spirit/actions towards others on a daily basis! God’s love overflows out of Debbie onto everyone around her with joy, love and service to others needs whatever that be. A true blanket of God’s grace, mercy and love!

Debbie Howery - December 1st, 2023 at 12:48pm

It is such an honor & blessing to have Lori be such a long time bestie. She is my guardian Angel looking out for me & sharing such wonderful stories about our sweet friendship in the Lord. ❤️




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